Dayak Hampatong. Sarawak.

A standing figure of a mythical dragon- dog creature known as an “Aso” used to protect the longhouses of the Dayak tribes of Borneo. This figure found in Western Kalimantan. Tribal grouping is Kayan. I am uncertain as to wood type. It certainly has the density & weight of Ironwood. It seems these guardian figures are of two types. From inside or outside a longhouse. Those placed in the longhouse interior are often highly burnished. This is a territorial guardian showing signs to it’s base of having been shortened from an outside totem called “Hampatong”. Various repairs over time to the creature’s mouth area due, no doubt, to exposure to the elements. Wood has a punched effect to the surface. Height is 970mm. Over 100 years.Detail photos & quotes for international shipping happily supplied. SOLD

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