Batak Medicine Horn

A very early, completely original Batak medicine horn ( Naga Morsarang). Toba, Sumatra. Water buffalo horn & wood. The wooden stopper is a human form. Stopper height 140mm. The base of the horn is carved with a lizard (cicak) which represents the fertility deity Boraspati ni Tano. Overall length 420mm. Nineteenth century. While not overly ornate this is exceptionally rare in a market overrun with reproductions. Price on request.

Naga Morsarang medicine horns were important paraphernalia associated with the Batak shaman, the Datu priest. The receptacle is made from the hollowed out horn of a water buffalo and carried medicines & magical substances. The top of the stopper & the tip of the horn are drilled for a woven rope to be attached allowing for the horn to be slung over the shoulder.

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