Dukun Bayi (Javanese midwife)

A carved teak figure of a Dukun Bayi (Javanese midwife) bought from a Jakarta doctor’s surgery in the 1960’s by my vendor. Dated to the early twentieth century. These figures are placed in a doctor’s rooms to indicate a sympathetic understanding of traditional practices for pregnant women who are, perhaps, dealing with western medicine for the first time. Wood is lime washed & painted. Joints are moveable possible for demonstration purposes. There is an age related split to the rear of the woman’s head. Overall condition superb for it’s age. Made in several sections. Height as pictured; 600mm. Length; 600mm. Exceptionally rare. Price on request.

The Dukun Bayi or Dukun beranak, usually an elderly woman, has a status within poorer Javanese communities closely akin to a shaman, so more than just a midwife. Their abilities with massage on newly born infants are legend especially where 80% of births are conducted without the medical profession involved.


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