August 2016: Katy & I returned to a wintry Oamaru after two months in Asia.
This year we ventured to Sumatra, for the first time, and came home with some exceptional small pieces.
We based ourselves in Padang, West Sumatra which is noted for it’s varied & delicious cuisine. Masakan Padang (Padang Cuisine) are the favoured eateries across the Indonesian archipelago. The classic dish is Beef Rendang.

Padang is a predominantly Muslim city, the people incredibly friendly. We loved it. The city has one of the oldest Chinatowns in Indonesia. Now, largely dilapidated, it is a photographer’s dream.

Apart from being at home in Bali our other foray was to Penang off the coast of northern Malaysia. Penang was strategically important to the British to control the Malacca Straits. Being from Oamaru, with it’s glorious Italian Renaissance architecture, we were keen to stay in Georgetown, the capital, as it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Also noted as having the best street food on the planet. The architecture is astonishing. The volume of original buildings is just breathtaking. It is literally stuffed full of vitality & colour.